School Uniform

We are delighted to be able to partner with Koolskools as a supplier of Fairtrade school uniforms. If you would like to buy ethically manufactured Fairtrade school uniform, go to and place your order. You can order Fairtrade items online that will come directly to your door.

You can also order school uniform from who have provided our school uniform and sports wear and custom P7 hoodies for several years.

  • Navy reversible waterproof jacket
  • Navy rain jacket
  • Navy fleece
  • Navy sweatshirt
  • White polo shirt or Red polo shirt
  • Navy joggers
  • Navy skirt
  • Charcoal grey trousers
  • School winter dress
  • Blue and white checked or striped summer dress
  • Navy gym shorts
  • Blue and white checked overall (for Art and craft)

Please ensure all items of clothing, school bags and gym kit are clearly labelled with the name and class of your child. Initials are not adequate to identify pupils who lose property.